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Living Life from a Grateful Perspective

Living Life from a Grateful Perspective The Master through Kathleen Mulligan

Life is not always easy, but the key to living a grateful life is to be present in each situation. Each situation presents itself for your enlightenment, and the sooner you can let go of a situation, the sooner you free yourself for your next experience. Each situation you are confronted with in life is there to show you where you are. As you become a more evolved being, life's situations become easier to handle, because you become freer to let them go.

You see, the divine in its infinite wisdom is setting up experiences for you to encounter along the way. Each experience is there to show you something. Once you get the message from that experience, you are then free to move on and create a new experience, which can then reveal to you a higher learning and a higher, more evolved truth. This is the dynamic of the universe.