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Join the Spiritual Lovefare Team Amma through Cathy Chapman

My dear ones, imagine you are larger than this amazing planet of yours, it being no larger than one of your exercise balls. You are able to dance around this wondrous planet. You sing and you dance, celebrating life on the planet and the planet herself. With every dance step, with every note you sing, you touch someone on the planet with love. This someone could be a starving child or someone playing with her kitten. Perhaps you touch a gang member in the midst of killing someone, a child watching television or someone walking the dusty roads of the Middle East. Everywhere you look, everywhere you dance, with each note you sing, you send out love.

That is how I introduced myself to this one I speak through. I gave her an image of me dancing about the world, loving each and every person upon the planet. I now give her images of me loving each plant, each animal, every insect, the rocks themselves and, of course, loving the very planet herself. You have fear and pain for what is happening upon this Earth, for what is happening to this planet. I do not. I have only joy. Joy is all I know. Love is all I know. You see, my precious ones, you who were born from the womb of my love, I am fully aware of the grand plan that is unfolding.