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Bioclock Miracles: Reprogramming Awakened Stem Cells

Bioclock Miracles: Reprogramming Awakened Stem Cells The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Cosmic beings, are you in the experience of? Today we discuss bioclock miracles and a mysterious pill of science that answers to reprogrammed awakened cosmic stem cells. But first, have you not noticed the need to adjust your world focus to accommodate your graduation into the new world template? Can you allow the world to serve you as you have served humanity? Have you observed all the miracles presently revealing the unknown? Is it not a miracle, living in or being sovereign in the experience of your own unknown, living in the experience of your own precious mystery? The most sacred act of the all is self-discovery in the unknown. Is this not why creation created itself to be? Will you allow love to flow through its present moment while, in the blink of a cosmic giggle, you realize you are a walking illusion of your own belief?

So much emphasis has been placed on all the seeming traumas and tragedies of your world as if they were not, in fact, miracles acting out solutions. Polarity stories of any experience allow free will to find the truth within the collapse into unity, allowing free will its most sacred task. Can you finally acknowledge that as you return to the core of your creation, you have completed a study of matter in evolution that includes human density and form—illusions in the experience of free will that include polarized incarnations; male/female counterpart relationships; love/antilove in marriage, family, and community; and surrogating a creator of worlds school? Indeed, no matter what you are observing—new-world, geologic, inner-core labor pains and solar-flare births; the reformatting of government subsidiaries of corporate power; young souls still learning the limits of being warriors; the Earth's interior spewing oil; your males experiencing the abuse of and imbalances with their own inner females; entities taking disease and death off the planet as they cross over; or your new neurons firing and giving off all manner of wobbling ascension symptoms—it is a miracle to be a cosmic being, is it not?