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Become a World Server

Become a World Server Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, you, the vanguard, the leaders, are clearing the pathway that leads into the future so that those following behind can move forward more rapidly and gracefully. Vastly important is every effort you put forth that adds to the light quotient of the mass consciousness belief structure. You are the brave ones who are anchoring the refined light of new creation. You are the ones who are helping to clear the restrictive, distorted and detrimental teachings of the past that were designed to control humanity through fear and intimidation. You are the ones who are refining and making available the new teachings, techniques and guidelines that will assist others to perfect their skills and empower them to begin to use their latent talents of self-mastery.

Everything in the omniverse was brought forth from the heart essence of the supreme Creator where all was perfect; however, this perfection was self-contained within the great void. The Creator desired to expand itself and to manifest some of the never-ending potential within. Each of you is a spark of Creator essence, and you were gifted with a God cell of vast potential.