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Adam Relativity

Adam Relativity Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. Let us look at biorelativity and the relationship between human-made catastrophes and what would be considered Earth catastrophes. What we call Earth catastrophes are usually the following: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, typhoons or hurricanes. These are all events that can create major problems for people living in the path of their outcomes. From the Earth's perspective, some of these catastrophes can be viewed as part of the homeostasis energy. The homeostasis energy refers to balance within the planetary feedback system. That balance allows a variation of energy to be maintained. However, if the variation of energy becomes out of balance, disproportionate or blocked, then a concurrent release emerges that will allow the homeostasis to remain in effect.

The homeostasis that is required for the existence of humans on this Earth is a narrow but obvious band of energy. This band of energy is part of the biosphere. The biosphere includes energy currents from the oceans, the oxygen content from the atmosphere and related electromagnetic energy fields. These electromagnetic energy fields are in part also affected by the cosmos. That means that Earth's electromagnetic energy is affected by the Sun, and it is also affected by outer cosmic events that are continually sending energy throughout the universe and throughout the galaxy. These cosmic energy forces are much more difficult to measure, but they are in existence and they are cumulative. Ultimately, from our perspective, we can assert that energy even as distant as the Central Sun at the core of the galaxy does have an effect on the energy of this planet. Some of that energy is much more difficult to measure, as it contains extreme nano particles. Nano particles can also refer to spiritual vibrations.