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Your Name for God Creates a Boundary

Your Name for God Creates a Boundary Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, precious ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I so enjoy how you allow yourself to change and become more and more of who you are. You have that ability. I’d like to speak once more about who God is and the name you use for God. Some believe you must believe in Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed in order to be saved or God will kill you. That is ludicrous, is it not? The God of love can only do one thing: love.

I want to talk about God in a different way today. I want to talk about God but not as a personal being. Whenever you use a name for God, you personify the energy of the Creator in some way. Whenever you use a name, you put a boundary around that energy. Think about yourself. If you are a parent, there is a boundary around you when you are called mom or dad.