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You Are Always Loved

You Are Always Loved The Essences and Source through Ari Regala

The Essences: Here we are now my dears. Your divine nature presents an interesting conundrum. The truth of your being is an allowance of what is. Your divine nature creates a circumstance of possibility for growth and expansion. Your truest place of knowing is a telltale sign of your expanded awareness. Expansion is created in totality through the experience of your knowingness and unknowing of the known.

Breathe in, breathe out, expand, and release. Your true divinity: that is all that is known to self as the self. Your wondrous divine nature of forgetfulness [gently chuckles] is a rather amazing thing to experience, don’t you think? Ahh, but thinking is not the solution, is it my dears? A truth is only born from the soul within the being. That is all there is. You are all there is. We are all there is. One truth in kind. Divine within, divine without.