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Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart Donna Taylor

After a long period of intense energies, it may come as a welcome relief to hear that October brings with it a very Venusian theme. In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relaxation, pleasure, enjoyment, truth, and beauty — all things that we could do with more of right now. Venus resonates with the heart, not just in a romantic sense, although this is what she is most renowned for, so we can expect relationships and how we get along with others to be the theme this month. The heart governs much more than our romantic feelings, and as we move deeper into the new reality being birthed by humanity, love will make the process swifter and easier. If you have someone or something to love, then that’s great, but ultimately, we need to have love residing within for everyone and everything.

The good news is that October will offer a download of loving energies that will help us take a quantum leap into 5D living. The pinnacle of this will arrive on or around October 25 under a solar eclipse that has Venus right at its heart. This is rare, and in the people sign of Libra, it is a wonderful omen for a more loving vibration to wash across the planet. But before we get to the eclipse, we need to do a little bit of preparation so that we are ready to receive the higher vibrational energies. If we’re not ready because we’re caught up in negative states, such as fear, anger, judgment, stress, anxiety, or depression, or if we’re overly busy and filling our days with one activity after another, it’s going to be difficult to fully receive these amazing vibrations.