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Dream Zone

I dreamed I was standing by a river with a boy I don’t know. We watched as his grandfather and a little white puppy drowned. I wanted to dive in and save them, but they both sank like a rock, and the water was much deeper than I thought. I took the boy and led him away. Why do we dream about awful things like that? — Lynette, Charlotte, NC

Lauri writes: Upsetting dreams are connected to upsetting issues in real life that the subconscious is trying to help us with. In your case, what is it that you have tried to save recently that was too much for you? The old man and the puppy are clues. The old man suggests this may mean that an issue has really been getting old for you, and the white puppy may indicate that this is a friendship or loyalty issue, one that perhaps is new or has some element of starting over, as white tends to be about new beginnings.