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The Calmed Waters of the Heart

The Calmed Waters of the Heart Jeshua of the Sacred Heart through Carlos Rubio

Dear ones, my love is always with you in your heart. You carry all the love of the universe; therefore, I abide in your heart center, and this is the voice of guidance you receive today. The voice and messages are constantly flowing out of the heart into your field of energy to first be received by your non-physical senses followed by your physical perceptions. If your field is cluttered, congested, and clogged, the transmission will be muffled or completely blocked.

To partake of these messages, your field needs to exist in a quiet state of rest, much like the undisturbed surface of a lake at dawn. In that receptive state, any bit of wind blowing or a leaf falling on the water is going to create a pattern that will expand, and if you’re perceptive, it will indicate that movement has been introduced. If, in turn, this wave pattern is embedded with information that the receiver can pick up, decode, and transform, then a communication can be established. This process requires the medium, or field, to be as calm as possible, for if there is noise or disturbance by many inputs, the incoming heart wave is going to be lost or imperceptible.