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Access and Activate Your Cosmic DNA

Access and Activate Your Cosmic DNA Telos through Kenton David Bell

We are Telos. We are one, and we are many. We come to you through the Great Central Sun. We come here at this time to be of service and guide you, and we celebrate the magnificent shift you. This shift is like no other transition in the history of humanity. This is a time of evolution for the human species as a whole. When we talk about your soul’s essence and your soul’s wisdom, we want you to really experience your soul’s essence and wisdom.

Imagine in your mind’s eye a sheet of paper up on a screen, and make two columns. The right-hand column is your connection to your soul’s essence, your soul’s wisdom, Source, and the guidance that comes from the higher self and spirit. In the left-hand column, you have your personality, ego, and imprinting.