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You Are Ready

You Are Ready Metatron through Cathy Chapman

You are here. We have called you, and you are here. We honor you for answering the call to be who you are — the call to be all of who you are. The Lion’s Gate [which occurs on August 8] — what you humans call the gate to energy — is a portal to a tremendous influx of energy. Some of you are Leos, and that sign is what the Lion’s Gate is named after. When Yeshua came, he was known as the Lion of Judah in the Israelite tradition.

You are lions. Let us describe lions not in an astrological sense but in how we use the energy, as you experienced a portal of energy in August. You all experienced this energy, whether you wanted to or not. You couldn’t hide from it. Even if you could hide inside, we have ripped off the roof. No one was able to avoid this incoming energy. It could not be stopped by any kind of structure, not even by your intention to stop it. You might have been able to hold off some of it but not all of it. It was penetrating.