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Techniques for Generating Safety

Techniques for Generating Safety Ordinator of Souls through Robert Shapiro

I am that which ordains the souls of time travelers. It might interest you to know that all beings on Earth are time travelers, including plants, animals, Earth herself and humans. The experience of the Explorer Race is entirely a time-traveling experience. Since the natural flow of time and experience and even dimensionality was interrupted for this loop of time you are on, no one can come into the environment of the Explorer Race without having been ordained as a time traveler.

The Explorer Race, however, in its human form on Earth now, does not, as a rule (though there are some exceptions), time-travel in conscious awareness, but you all time-travel in your meditative state. You do not think of sleep as meditation, but on other planets sleep is often (if not usually) referred to as meditation. The travel you do in your essential personality in your meditative state goes through time and dimensions to wherever you need to go, and who you need to see might be encompassed as well. Therefore, my job is to consistently ordain the souls of time travelers