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Physics and Science

Physics and Science Kryon through Lee Carroll

[Publisher’s note: Even though this channeling took place in 2007, it relates to our current and future life on Earth and contributes to our understanding of science and astrology. The article contains expanded information that was added by Kryon, through Lee, to ensure that difficult concepts were thoroughly explained.]

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner is apprehensive, and normally he is not. We so often speak of love. We speak of the things he is commonly involved with in the channelings. But now we speak of science. We will use his engineering brain, logic, and clear channel to bring you things we wish you to hear. Let me talk to him at this moment and say, “Dear partner, relax. We’re going to go slow in this teaching mode. We’re going to give you the words so that you understand. The information will make sense. But go slow.”