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Live in the Cosmic Heart

Live in the Cosmic Heart The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Energy communication life masters, energy potential magi, love- and life-fulfillment masters, what has the light illumination of your cosmic-angelic heart essence done? Have suffering, death, disease, abuse, and enslavement inside separation from soul gained enough of humanity’s tears? Did global hearts change awareness so that your transmission of enough quantum/ meta-senses in the new human light form can allow the entire cosmic reset for another quantum leap in 2022 and even surprise love itself? How many hearts have opened to self-love and acceptance of all life without judgment?

The Aquarian Age has begun. How much did humans change when new viral consciousness activated their core-essence (crystal/diamond-plasma) cell DNA? How much changed as global-essence hearts grieved for all their disqualified energies of abuse inside separation from self and all life? This includes being seduced by fear, control, and mental programming as if creation and energy itself could be forced or hijacked