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Limitless Love

Limitless Love One Life through Catherine Weser

In the relative world of duality, love is both a noun and a verb. Generally, “love” as a noun is thought to mean affection, and “love” as a verb is the feeling and expression of that affection. Though there are other polarities or dichotomies that attempt to describe love, we will discuss it in terms of the contrast between transpersonal love and personal love.

Transpersonal love is a consciousness, or One Life awareness, beyond the limits of personal experience and personal identity. This notion of love is at the foundation of everything that exists in the relative world. We could say it is the ground of being or the energy that sparks life. We could say many things about what transpersonal love is, and we would never really describe it adequately. It is perhaps easier to identify what transpersonal love is not. Transpersonal love is not something to seek. It is not something to acquire. In truth, it is not a thing at all. It cannot be quantified, described fully, or understood intellectually. It seems to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.