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Liberate Yourself for a New Way of Life

Liberate Yourself for a New Way of Life Pele-kino’-aha-nei through Karinna Nielsen

You are living in a season of unprecedented change on Earth. Some call it the ascension while others call it the great shift. Whatever you call it, use this time to your advantage to advance your soul’s evolution. Rather than seeing it as a fearful time when unexpected things happen and you feel as though you are losing control, feel the liberation of this opening pathway to discover new ways of experiencing life on Earth.

Your love for self will guide and nurture you through the changes on your world. These changes are not just “out there” but within you as well. What you feel outside is a reflection of what is within. Find the space to make the changes in your thoughts and feelings that you know you need to make. Pray for guidance, feel the love surrounding you, and know that you are never alone.