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Interacting with Astral Worlds: Problems and Solutions

Interacting with Astral Worlds: Problems and Solutions The Founders through Jaap van Etten

When we came to this Earth at the request of Mother Earth, we saw one dynamic, interactive system. For us, there was no separation into different worlds or layers of consciousness as you experience now. We did not have physical bodies. Our bodies resonated with the highest frequencies of Mother Earth. From your perspective, you would say that we resonated and functioned in the frequencies of the spiritual body of Mother Earth. We saw everything from that perspective. We were also aware that other Earth frequencies existed that we could not connect with, as they were too low for us. We do not say this based on arrogance or judgment; we simply could not align with those frequencies.

We came as part of a necessary step to bring Earth’s system to higher levels of vibration. You call that ascension. You can also call it a natural process of expanding, something built into all conscious beings. Because Mother Earth is a conscious being, expansion and evolution are parts of her process, and she invited us to participate. However, we realized that the only way to help Mother Earth ascend into higher levels of consciousness would be by connecting to her full range of vibrations..