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I Am Divine Mastery

I Am Divine Mastery Archangel Zadkiel through Kira Raa & Sri Ram Kaa

Through the portal of divine mastery, love, and opening, we invite you to be in the upliftment of the energy of divine mastery spirit in all ways. This is a great gift. Being in the upliftment of spirit is to recognize that the divine mastery portal opens within you with presence and preciousness. It is to recognize that All That Is and All That Has Ever Been is now manifested in your world experience.

Beloved one, arriving at your time of expansion in recognition of All That Is in the formless as it is in form is the great gift of communication. What is communication? There are many examples of communication in your world that contain the infinite expression of knowledge, wisdom and, yes, other energies — a catchall category, indeed. As you connect with the essence of communication, notice the communication of your heart with your divine mastery presence: