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Dawning of the Light

Dawning of the Light Joshua through Zintis Muiznieks

[Author’s note: Earlier in the chapter, Joshua offers an exercise to lead the reader into what he calls the “space,” a place conducive to channeling and other meditative activities.] When most people have spent numerous times in that quiet zone, aware of their bodies and thoughts and comfortable with themselves and their surroundings — accepting noise or other physical interferences as present but not necessarily detrimental — they can start to invite outside energies into their systems. We suggest, initially, that rather than a full-blown effort to channel, it be more of an exploration of possibilities. At all times, most humans are surrounded and protected by one or more energies, frequently referred to as “guides.” Within this space, we suggest that it is possible to make a connection with these energies. They might not necessarily be who gets channeled, but these types of connections are all instrumental in making the leap into true channeling.

In most cases, these familiar energies or guides can be a type of support in the channeling process. They are intimately familiar with your thoughts, actions, and desire to channel. Acknowledge them, and perhaps even take the time to deepen the connection to receive direct information from them. For very personal guidance, guides can frequently provide better insights than outside entities/energies, especially in the beginning of the process.