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The Birth of New Earth

The Birth of New Earth Angel Ariel through Adria Estribou

We want to speak from our angelic viewpoint about the birth of New Earth and what this means. We mentioned years ago that Earth was waking up to becoming a more alive and sovereign being. For people of indigenous cultures and others who already recognize Earth as a sacred presence, perhaps this meant coexisting with nature or honoring the life force that supports human life. Some cultures think of Earth in goddess form — Pele and so on.

What we’re talking about is very new. It’s not about the formation of this planet and galaxies eons ago but energies that are quite new for Earth. For many of you, the old practices of grounding by connecting to Earth’s center or connecting in a gravitational sense to Earth have probably felt a little adrift. In the past year or so, as you’ve tried to connect with these old methods of grounding and meditation, you might have wondered, “Where is it? Where is Earth?”