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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I’m on an internet forum where we discuss all kinds of different subjects. Lately, people have been attacking me personally, and others have applauded me for trying to keep my opinions moderate and not offend anyone. Some of the people are pretty ignorant, and I try to teach them the correct way of things, but they just fight me. What do the angels say I should do? — Oscar, email question

From the angels: When one responds to adversity, the immediate feeling is to protect oneself and one’s opinions. You cannot say to souls, “I am better than you,” either in words or actions. Doing so has no worth in God’s eyes or your angel’s eyes, nor does it give worth to any souls around you. Be only as you are, and have no pretense. When you behave in a natural way, you are being your soul and not acting to fool others.