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Unmasking Judgment

Unmasking Judgment The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Judgment of self and others displays itself in many ways. It plays a vital role in the kind of relationships we create in our lives. Sound judgment relies on discernment and provides a moral compass for right and wrong. Humanity tends to judge according to beliefs, fears, and perceptions. This often triggers a reflex to strike out when feeling verbally and physically attacked.

There are times when the human ego moves into selfish, egocentric thoughts that can become mental or emotional weapons. Whether you take the Garden of Eden story literally or not (from a metaphysical or a religious perspective), it suggests that every soul who has lived on Earth in human form has allowed him or herself to temporarily fall out of grace with what is often known as God, or the Creative Force.

The fall from grace represents the false belief that humans are separate from one another and from their creator. Your physical body is formed by the source of creation using energy from your soul, akashic history, and parents’ DNA.