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Support Well-Being The Cosmic Light Collective through Ilona Anne Hress

You now live in a world full of masks and gloves. You would think that your ability to see each other would be impeded, but that is not the case. Pre-COVID-19, your focus was primarily on the busyness of your lives: deadlines, social commitments, and work stresses. Acceleration and accumulation took precedence over connection. Significant family relationships still topped the list of priorities, but an understanding of the issues and wounds of the family of humankind often weren’t issues of concern.

There were, and always are, those who serve your civilization when most remain ignorant, complacent, or committed to arrogance. They are no longer enough. So much of your civilization is wounded and bleeding, and if you look away, the blood will eventually bathe your feet, whether you want it to or not. Indeed, the great mourning occurring in the United States and throughout the world for those killed in police brutality cases takes you deep into the broken hearts, minds, and wills of African Americans, Native Americans, and immigrants who fear for their lives in countries all over the world.

The question, “To whom do I belong?” has plagued humanity throughout history. When you look outside yourself for the answer, conflicts ensue, allegiances prevail, and wars rage. No answer will appease the ego, but an experience will nullify its influence: Unconditional love breaks through human defenses by disarming the mind and creating room for rational hearts to guide intelligent beliefs, thoughts, and actions. You are a spiritual being living in an organic machine, and you change your machine lifetime after lifetime. Your only lasting experience of “home” comes through the power and presence of your individual soul, which contains the memories of all these lives and the collective consciousness of the soul of humanity to which you have been contributing for hundreds to thousands of years.