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Send Your Light Ahead of You

Send Your Light Ahead of You The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Welcome to this transmission, dear ones. You heeded our call, and we are grateful for your immediate response. Let’s begin by saying times are changing at a rapid rate. Those of humanity wakening to the light and the truth want so much more truth to be revealed.

You are spiritual beings, whether you live in darkness or in light. All of you will eventually — some of you over many lifetimes — return to Source. You know this is the ultimate path of humanity. Those of you in the light know with great certainty that the light is winning. In order to understand the magnitude of what has been transpiring for eons on your planet, the truth of what appears to have been happening for thousands of years is coming to light. People have to be shown what has been hidden from them so that positive change can occur and more and more of humanity can awaken.

So-called light factions and others of like mind are getting the information out to interested and awakened humans as expediently as possible. Those of the darkness who have committed crimes against humanity are paying the price of such atrocities. But realize that these souls came in to their human forms to play parts, the same as all of you. There must be darkness along with light. Humanity and your planet Earth cannot evolve until the purification takes place and the truth is revealed. Know that all is being done to eradicate and clean up the acts done by humanity and off-planet beings who are not of the light.