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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Josh, the Russian Blue

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Josh, the Russian Blue Kim Malonie

Sue: Josh turns one-year old this July. During the pandemic, I moved to the country where I work, and I now work full time from home. Since then, Josh has changed quite a bit. He is less cuddly and more independent, which I have chalked up to growing up, having more space, and having twenty-four-hour wildlife TV for stimulation. He also has moments of aggression/biting when I pet him too long.

He used to be very cuddly, jumping up on my lap, running to me every time I came in the door, and sleeping with me every night, but now he wants me to come to him. For example, when he wants a pet, he meows me to his favorite spot, rolls, and asks me to pet him (which I do). He still sleeps with me pretty often, but the main change is that we seem less bonded. I don’t know if it’s the heat, his age, or boredom, since I’m home all day now.

I started wondering if he needs another cat to play with. (I try to play with him, but he gets quickly bored with toys.) Just as I was thinking seriously about this, a friend found an eight-week-old kitten in a rainstorm. Ellie Grace is sweet as can be, and I decided to have her over for a week, starting yesterday.