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The Role of Crystalline Energies in Earth and Human Evolution

The Role of Crystalline Energies in Earth and Human Evolution The Crystalline Council through Jaap van Etten

We are the Crystalline Council. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share with you. We have played a role in the development of human consciousness on Earth from the beginning. We define “the beginning” as the time that you call the First World. At that time, the Founders, the first souls who came to Earth, invited us to contribute to the process on Earth that would lead to ascension.

Mother Earth is a crystalline being. That is true for all planets in the universe. Currently, you do not understand the energies connected to these beautiful beings. Most people are not even aware that Earth is a crystalline being even though they take stones and crystals out of her body. The focus on specific crystals and stones makes people lose the ability to understand the whole — the crystalline energies of the planet as a whole.

The Founders came to Earth by invitation of Gaia, the consciousness of the planet. Gaia invited them to become cocreators and help her in the next step of her evolution: ascension. When the Founders realized that their vibration was much higher than that of the physical Earth, they knew the first phase was to descend in vibration to become part of the physical system of Earth. Only by descending into the physical vibration could they fulfill the agreement with Gaia.