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Rise above the Fray

Rise above the Fray God through Liane Rich

Liane: God is always reminding me that there is no one way and no one truth; everything is simply perspective, and we view life through our personal perspectives. When God writes through me, the information given is always meant to guide me in the most helpful direction. With that in mind, I share my channeling here with you.

God: When you judge life, you tear life down. Judgment tears down, and acceptance builds up. This world is based on energy, and energy is very important to your life. If you constantly see the world as dangerous and scary, you live in the energy of fear. The choicest place for you to live is in the energy of love. Love is who and what you are. I am not talking here of romantic love; that is simply attraction to another. I am speaking of unconditional love and acceptance, which is the opposite of fear.

How do we get you to feel unconditional love in the middle of chaos and a pandemic? We simply rise above the energy of judgment. Instead of feeling like everything is falling apart, realize that you are in the midst of a giant shift that has been in the works for many, many years. This shift is occurring now as a result of light entering this dimension. You see, when light enters a dimension that is fear-filled, the light literally shakes things up. Fear is very dense, and light is, well, very light. So when light enters fear, the fear rises up.