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A Renewal of Purpose Surfaces

A Renewal of Purpose Surfaces Archangel Raphael through David Christopher Lewis

Dearest hearts of love, I am Raphael. I come to emanate the emerald light of wholeness to you, for I consider you all as attending angels of healing. In your finer spirits, you often come with us as we make our rounds within the atmosphere to see who God would touch with the healing light and with the graces of spirit that would bring them to new understandings of who they are — their oneness with their source and the integrity of their souls wed to God.

We come to some among humankind whose hearts and minds are open to receive progressive revelatory teaching and light. And so I come this day to embolden you, as initiates of light, to utilize what God has invested in you of his graces and sacred gifts, to bestow on others this radiance, this blessedness, that will bring them to the fruition of their soul’s purpose and the dynamics of what we, who dwell in the heavenly spheres, have known for eons — that all life is one, God is love, and healing is available for all who call it forth with ardor and with the belief and faith that it may now descend into their midst as glad, free gifts from the Father/Mother of all lights.

Many of you have felt the impulses to enter fields of activity and service in which you might bring the light of healing, of wholeness, to others. Yet, you have not always observed, within the modalities available to most through the healing professions of today, what you feel deeply within your hearts and souls are the means to express this godliness, this love that you have held within your hearts, often from childhood and even before in past lifetimes.