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Rapid Ascension

Rapid Ascension Angel Ariel through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

The time is upon you of great transformation and growth. By “you,” we mean humanity here on Earth, collectively. It’s not that every person — let’s say every seed that is watered — decides to grow, but the conditions are so ripe for so much sunlight, so much water, so many nutrients. From the perspective of humanity, this means that what we have described as the “barrage of light” continues. Energetic forces of light are so bright here that it is impossible to resist the upward pull into frequencies that are higher and above where you began in this lifetime, wherever that was.

Lifting energies are a bit like an airshaft, let’s say, that lifts you higher from where you are. We all start at different vantage points, different growth points, along the journey, but it’s uplifting for most of you. Some will cling to the walls of the metaphorical airshaft and stay where they are, because resistance feels like the appropriate action to this sudden shift of energies — something new and unexplained.

So have compassion for those who don’t want to be lifted into the sky, so to speak. You can understand that it feels nice to be on ground that is safe and familiar. So those of your relatives and friends who cling dearly to the old ways, trust that they know, on a soul level, what’s best for them. You don’t have to save them. You don’t have to push them out of their hiding or resting places. Each being is allowed to grow or not grow. That’s part of the freewill experiment here.