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Pyramid of Light

Pyramid of Light Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

Therese: Before me I see a tunnel of white light, and I am encouraged to release my third-dimensional awareness of my body, mind, and fears to allow my consciousness to flow toward this channel of light. As I enter the tunnel, I feel my worldly concerns leave me and my physical body melt; I become the light. My awareness arrives at a beautiful pyramid of brilliant white light that shimmers on the horizon. I rest here for a while and allow the healing qualities of the pyramid of light to flow into my being. I notice a figure emerging from the pyramid; it is Master Kuthumi. He holds his hands out to all reading these words, bringing unconditional love and light.

Master Kuthumi: You are children of the light. Welcome to all who choose to read these words. We honor each of you who chose to be a lightworker at this auspicious time on planet Earth. You each made a conscious choice to return to the world and bring with you the wisdom from the star constellations of the universe.

You are, and always have been, children of the light, and you chose to return to planet Earth at this time when she needs you the most. As children of the light, you source to the power of Father Sun to sustain you while you reside on Mother Earth. The Sun gives you light to grow the food you eat, the fuel to heat your homes, and the sustenance you need for your physical bodies. The Sun also feeds your spirits and reminds you that you are lights and come from the stars. Now is the time to embrace the light of the Sun and allow the healing qualities of sunlight to flow over you.