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Oneness: Truth without Doubt

Oneness: Truth without Doubt Archangel Raphael through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones of many worlds, we come to you because your planet is in a time of abundant healing. So often, we are with you. So often, you heal in many ways that are, perhaps, unknown to the will of your soul that is actively working with great healing.

We see many hearts and many energies spiral with golden recognition. We also see what you would term resistance, which is known — in your current experience of form — as doubt. The healing on your world now recognizes that you are at a great moment of releasing all doubt.

Doubt is a gift. It is a way to embrace love. It is a way to move forward. It is a profound healer. When you doubt, you offer yourself a moment, just a moment, of presence. Because you doubt, you are present with yourself. Through the doubt experience, you open a great healing portal to offer the release of doubt.