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New Matter Is Changing Outcomes

New Matter Is Changing Outcomes The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How do the new DNA master codes change outcomes in our world?

By the end of 2020, major realizations will arise across your globe as you accelerate the transformation of a new light-matter reality of all your world’s eco-life systems into equitable free energy. You are the pioneers of a new reality. You are doing the same with your lightbodies, are you not? Remember, you have and are the new-matter biologic-DNA essence codes.

Your new-living, multi-light-matter bio-code’s organic-designer imprints offer all-new-matter creations for your worlds. These were accelerated in July 2020 by the comet Neowise that sprinkled virgin quantum particles across your globe. This planetary light matter in new quantum vibrations is assisting in changing humanity’s outcome choices. This light matter is also the essence-code base for new-matter replication technologies to return the divine right to equal access to all life’s resources for all souls.