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The Lucky Human

The Lucky Human Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There are those who will always wonder: “Does the voice from the other side of the veil, representing a beautiful spiritual component of God, know what’s going on?” Some would say, “No. There is no idea of the pandemic or worldly things.” This is because some have been taught that God does not deal with those things — the Creator of the universe is not part of those small, specific Human things on the planet. That would be an impersonal God, dear ones.

I want to give you a truth that I’ve given before. I even want to back up and review a channeling that most of you did not hear a couple weeks ago. The truth is this: This side of the veil (the Creator’s side) absolutely knows what’s going on. In fact, we know how you feel every hour, since we are tuned in to you. If someone asks, “Kryon, what is God really about?” I answer: “God is about you; that’s what God is about.”

Perhaps you should stop using the word “God.” That word used to mean so many things that are so different from what is actually there. It often describes an impersonal deity and represents an unseen authority who is the ultimate judge of the subordinate Human Being.