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Love Evolves

Love Evolves Inspirational Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Lately, the universe has been encouraging me to use the word “love” as much as possible. I have been doing that in emails, texts, thoughts, and prayers. I came into this world working with the energies of numbers, having an innate sense of others’ identifying numerical frequency and their future. The holy energies I work with have always told me that the word “love” lives in the word “evolve.”

Being the energy detective that I am, I researched the energies and numerical frequencies of the word “evolve.” As always, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. That powerful little sequence of letters in “evolve” is a 999 frequency, whereas the word “love” is a single 9 frequency.

If you look at the number 9 as a living energy, it is the energy of heaven and the universe coming down to Earth, as the vibration of 6 is the energy of Earth moving up to heaven. The 999 sequence is the threefold flame of creation moving its awareness, consciousness, and light into the bodies of humanity. It is one of the most powerful sequences of numbers available to us. It is basically the Charge of the Light Brigade in numerical form. This vibrational sequence summons all heaven to Earth.