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It’s Time to Face the Truth

It’s Time to Face the Truth Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

This season of change on the Earth plane is unprecedented, and many who are used to getting away with whatever they can would rather not own up to or stop doing as they have done. Change, in this case, really means change — transitioning to a new dimension and letting the old one go.

In this process, the incoming dimensional focus will continue to press on the third-dimensional thought patterns and structures of life as you’ve known it. This gives you a feeling of compression and a longing to escape or avoid what can no longer be avoided emotionally.

When this happens, there is a feeling of chaos. From this, the new world will be created. It is said, “Out of chaos comes creation,” and this will be a creation in love. I am speaking of love as you have never felt it before in your life. It will be stunning. This is how you will know what the truth is and that you are on the right path: You will feel the love.