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How to Use Adamantine Particles Effectively

How to Use Adamantine Particles Effectively Archangel Michael through Ronna

Archangel Michael: Beloved masters, in many ways we have endeavored to convey to you the magnificence and all-inclusive meaning of love/light from the Creator Source. It is time for many facets of higher knowledge to come together so that you can more fully understand the perfection in the Creator’s grand plan.

The strongest force in the omniverse is the love force, which radiates through the essence of the feminine or goddess energy of the Creator. First, the masculine essence of the Creator brings seeds of new creation within its mind, resulting in a divine blueprint that then enfolds within the love core or the emotional nature of the Goddess essence. A wondrous and magnificent process is thereby initiated, resulting in creations beyond your greatest imaginings. You, as humans, are one of those magnificent creations.

As each soul takes up residency within the physical body, a ration of adamantine particles stores within the sacred heart. As an innocent child, this divine love/light flows freely to and from the sacred heart, but over time, innocence is gradually lost: The etheric shields of unbalanced energy build up around the sacred heart, initiated by the ego, supposedly for protection. Therefore, by adulthood, the flow of this divine elixir is greatly diminished, except for a few awakened souls. That is why we say it is so important to balance the chakra system and activate the solar power center, which in turn reactivates the sacred heart.