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Healing the Healer, Part 1: Distance Healing Demystified

Healing the Healer, Part 1: Distance Healing Demystified Tonya Godin

Recently, I was feeling unwell, tired and lethargic, and I had many headaches. My mind raced with worry and it took extra effort to calm my mind and soul. My usual technique of dropping into my heart space as a portal to higher consciousness was not working. In openness and vulnerability, I connected with my dear soul sister, Anne-Marie, for distance healing. That session birthed shifts, mirrors of inner truth, and many gifts. We have each written articles about the session and our profound experiences with it. [For Anne-Marie’s article, see “Part 2.”] The similarities of our shared experiences are significant.

Simply, distance healing allows participants to “plug in” or tune in through wholeness. We are all part of the unified field. Three components take effect when we connect with specific intent: We access the field of consciousness, locate instantaneously the receiver of the healing energy, and channel this universal healing through and forward. This healing energy is through the heart of our unified consciousness. A feedback loop is created, raising the vibration of the receiver and channeler (healer). Distance healing brings all into harmony. When we create these conscious connections with pure intent to release what no longer serves us and embrace our shifts, we are forever changed.

It was with this wholeness and conscious connection through heart and mind that I opened to releasing what no longer served me, and I embraced the shifts waiting and humming to come through. On my side of the portal, I knew that whatever time it was in Anne-Marie’s home, 500 kilometers [310 miles] away, she and I simultaneously existed in the now moment through our shared intentions.