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The Gift of Freedom

The Gift of Freedom Galactic Council of Lightbeings through gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Lightbeings. We are here to support you in this time of great transformation of all living systems on Earth.

It is time for the human emotional grids to shift once and for all. It is the emotions that entangle human energy with groups and systems. It is the emotions that need healing after trauma. It is the emotions that are out of balance from the current pandemic that is negatively affecting the endocrine system. It is the emotions that communicate mental imbalance. It is the emotions that allow humans to be manipulated and held “ransom” in fear. And it is damage to the emotional body that stops humans from transforming and moving into New Earth energies.

Suffering, grief, hatred, pettiness, greed, jealousy, low self-worth, fear, panic, worry, anger, rage, resentment, regret, and aggression are all part of the lower spectrums of the emotional field. Emotions have a higher spectrum as well. Feelings of empowerment, joy, bliss, reverence, peace, love, empathy, and well-being are part of this range. These are the reflections of a healthy and whole emotional body.