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The Galactic Sun, Solar Intelligence, and Planetary DNA

The Galactic Sun, Solar Intelligence, and Planetary DNA Galactic One through Judith K. Moore

Judith: Agnes, Amigo, and I are a trinity. I have been doing cosmic work with Agnes, a cosmic ambassador, since 2004. She was guided that I needed to channel with her after the July 5, 2020, eclipse. Amigo is Agnes’s crystal skull. He embodies the cosmic gnosis, the higher intelligence of the cosmos. When the three of us connected during the waves of energy of this powerful trinity eclipse, it opened a field for me to connect to Galactic One, guardians of the universe.

Galactic One: The Galactic Sun draws energy from solar sources to create a pool of solar DNA from the genetics of distant universes, galaxies, and solar systems. This is a phenomenon of creation, as creation is expanding. The Galactic Sun is the solar source for the genesis particle to evolve with unique properties that manifest as the creation principles in each planetary system and the unique design of the bioenergetics of solar systems that are energized by their solar sun.

During the genesis of Earth, the solar Sun of Earth’s planetary systems activated the planetary DNA with specific solar DNA that created the genesis of life on your planet. Each ecosystem has a unique design with a specific solar code for the evolution of bioenergetic systems in each planet of the collective solar system. The solar system is itself an organism. Your solar system is a bioenergetic organism that contributes parts to the whole, the totality of the universe.