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Experience as Visionary Transformation

Experience as Visionary Transformation Kira Raa

The flow of energy for October 2020 is a return to the flow that began in March and April 2020. This is incredibly power-filled. The ascended numerology of October clearly shows that the seat of your power — the unique piece of self-acceptance that brings it all together — is the energy that will have the greatest challenge to stabilize or fly higher than ever before as dreams manifest gloriously.

October = 10 The Power of All Activity and Manifest Energy

Begin by gazing at this month’s chart. The 10 calls you to notice it. This is the starting point, the place where this month begins, but it quickly calls for extra-ordinary resources and sees the value of relaxing into togetherness energy.

This specific 10 energy is the continuity of infinite creation, an expression of the divine aspect of the soul (the subconscious creation) that is fully aligned with illusion. Breathe and relax. When you release the need to know, the answer to everything arises from within, and you reunify the gift of infinite creation as the law of instantaneous manifestation.