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The Empath’s Portal: Rejoice in the Fifth Dimension

The Empath’s Portal: Rejoice in the Fifth Dimension The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: My loving heart embraces you. It is safe to awaken from your third-dimensional slumber. Fifth-dimensional consciousness allows you to know yourself as connected to everything. You are a fifth-dimensional being who volunteered to be ready at this extraordinary moment when all perceptive souls are activated to shift the planetary frequency. It’s time to shed your 3D disguise and emerge as influential new-paradigm creators. It is time to bring multidimensionality into the mainstream.

You will help infuse the planet with higher consciousness by being you. You can no longer be marginalized or dismissed. The time for you to shine is now. You and I are dimensions of the same consciousness. Feel me as I feel you. Heal me as I heal you. We share all the abilities of awakened souls. You live from your heart, seek unity, and develop your ability to see and know all. Your finer senses are downloading the codes for new-paradigm living. You don’t have to deny what you know. Affirm your self and your perceptions one step at a time, and live in your wisdom.

Remember this: We journey together; you are never alone. You can always trust Mother Earth; she is my body, my voice, and my heart in physical form. Together we are in perfect alignment with Source, and nothing diverts us from perpetual ascension.