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An Early Peek at 2021

An Early Peek at 2021 Elizabeth Joyce

The year 2020 has been amazing, and the planet is getting ready for a very powerful 2021. Instead of looking at the negativity that’s been going on, I want to explore the purging and preparation for what lies ahead. Get ready for amazing changes and a forceful and life-changing 2021.

Since the millennium began, I have named every year to describe what the energy would be for that year. I will review the past three years:

2018 — The Year of Transition: This year, you became aware of everything you needed to change before you could progress any further on your spiritual path. You brought relationships, work, life direction, and perhaps location, to an end. You delved deep within and created a lifestyle change that was much needed for you to survive and thrive. Life changes and energy blocks forced you to look at what wasn’t working in your life. You began to set a plan to make necessary changes.