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Dream Zone: Move to the New You

Dream Zone: Move to the New You Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream that my husband and I were coming home. As we pulled into the driveway, a chocolate lab walked by (that looked like our new neighbor’s dog in real life) and acted a little scared of the car. His lips were pursed as if he was whistling, but he wasn’t making a sound. He was wearing jeans — bedazzled jeans with rhinestones. He had the biggest thighs ever. He was ripped, but only on his legs — which were dog legs but human-like. What does this mean?

Nicky, Salt Lake City, UT

Lauri: My first thought is that this dream may be connected to your body image. Are your thighs a “bone of contention” for you? If so, this might be where the dog comes in. If you are working out or thinking about working out, the dog could represent your loyalty to your workout regimen.

Nicky replies: I had a baby a month ago and have just started working out again recently. My thighs are a problem for me, and in fact, they were pretty stinking sore the night I had this dream, since I hadn’t worked out for a long time. I am feeling very motivated and ready to commit to self-care and working out. I’m done having babies, so I am ready to take time to focus on me again. I was also able to fit back into my pre-baby jeans and show off my buttoned buttons.