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The Crystal Garden: Talk with Your Angels

The Crystal Garden: Talk with Your Angels Margaret Ann Lembo

Now, more than ever, we need to turn to all resources available to us to consciously create new destinies for ourselves and our planet. Each of us has the power to realize our unlimited potential. We have a sacred agreement with the Divine that clearly outlines our soul’s purpose and the unique life path, or career, we chose in this lifetime to fulfill that purpose.

As long as I can remember, angels have been part of my daily life. As a child, I felt and saw them in my imagination and called on their help whenever I was afraid or needed guidance. It was normal for me to imagine an angel, or a group of angels, surrounding me while I slept, ate, walked to school, took tests, and all the things we do as children.

This foundation of knowing that everyday angels are always available and at my side has helped me have a much happier and spiritual life. These core beliefs, established in childhood, are important factors in the spiritually focused woman I have become.