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Coffee with Buddha: Develop Confidence

Coffee with Buddha: Develop Confidence Master Buddha through Rae Chandran

In the many moments we experience through our days and nights, our consciousness shifts. This is related on a subconscious level to our confidence. When we hear the word “confidence,” we relate to it on a mental level. Since the mind wavers from thought to thought at every moment, our confidence also shifts from moment to moment. There is one process through which you can have confidence on a larger or ongoing level: through feelings. The next time you feel a shift in your confidence level, immediately shift your attention to your feelings and emotional body. Your emotional body is connected to the earth through your feelings, and these are naturally part of the soul. Your mental body is connected to a source outside yourself: the thoughts of yourself and the matrix. The next time you feel a shift in confidence, try the following exercise.

Retrieve Your Confidence
Bring your right thumb down and gently touch your sternum. Visualize a happy scene, such as walking along a beach or riding a bicycle when you were small. Observe the feelings of joy and happiness through the awakening of these memories coming into your thumb (which is touching your sternum), then going into your body, and slowly filling you up.

You might want to stay in that space for a few moments. You will start to feel good about yourself once again, and when you shift this consciousness to a feeling level, it becomes a created and learned wisdom that your body will hold as part of your living reality.

In the future when you need a boost in confidence, simply place your thumb on your sternum, and you will immediately recollect this feeling consciousness and start to feel better. When you feel more confident and good about yourself, the energy you create and carry will also be of a higher nature.