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Be One with All

Be One with All The Community through Carol Sydney

Greetings again, fellow travelers. Arise from the murky depths of the third dimension and join us in beauty and harmony with life. There is joy to be felt in our sharing, multiplied by the bliss we send for you to receive. We offer glimpses of how you appear to us.

You are as vast as the oceans and as wise as elders in the multiverse. You are perfect reflections of light in a vast sea of stars so brilliant that it shocks the imagination into awakening. We are delighted you have returned to hear our message and to receive our shared energies. The words we use are heard and seen on many levels at once; therefore, it is our suggestion that you relax and feel the energies as they absorb into your being. Then allow the words to soothe, inform, and stimulate your growth.

We are aware that you still use words to communicate, and though we no longer use words, we easily adjust the flow of meaning for those of you who do. For those highly attuned to recognizing and exchanging energies, feel free to engage with us on that frequency.