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Ask the Angels: Build Wonders in the Soul

Ask the Angels: Build Wonders in the Soul the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

What are we to do about all this destruction and rebellion? What do the angels say?

— Laura, email question

From the angels: Earth is now in a phase of destruction. Life on Earth will be in demise unless prayer is given from all over Earth. Prayer will help lead the world on the path of goodness and completeness again. Words, when heartfelt and given to God with compassion for all humankind, can enact miraculous changes in Earth’s atmosphere so that wonders can occur.

It is necessary for the inhabitants of Earth to do this now. It must be done. This could change future occurrences in the world. Leading all to prayer is a wonder in itself, but when the souls of Earth see the way it will change (the movements occurring now on Earth), they will know the power of their thoughts and feelings. This is to be done.