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Akashic Answers: Set the Right Boundaries

Akashic Answers: Set the Right Boundaries Amanda Romania

I’m not sure whether this is a spiritual topic, but you mentioned it in one of your temple training classes. I am active on social networks with my business (I sell crystals and spiritual gifts). I post every few days, and up until last year, this was a joy. Now I’m receiving strange messages. While I have a substantial following, I’m not sure people are who they say they are. How can I show up and be authentic while still protecting myself?
— Trudy, New Mexico

Amanda: Thank you so much. I know many lightworkers who have switched to an online presence due to COVID-19. This has expanded our worlds, but it can also make us targets of those who do not see the world through the same lens. Certain platforms show who is present, but others hide them in the shadows, where they look for ways to attack, criticize, and be cruel. The social networks record everything in the akashic data bank and in our spiritual karma. The creators have a very big responsibility for what they create.

When choosing platforms for yourself and your business, ask yourself whether these are clear channels and whether they spread light or darkness. Dark forces will always try to open doorways to you, but if you keep your Archangel Michael energy field present and do not respond to anything that would cause you discord, the delete button is effective. When I use this, I offer a prayer for help and healing. I also stay away from networks that allow hate to be present, as it attaches to my products. Words are very powerful, and while a great many people do not think that what they write matters in the spiritual realm, it does. God and the angels see everything.