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You Do Not Have to Understand the Chaos

You Do Not Have to Understand the Chaos Amma the Divine Mother and Amiya through Cathy Chapman

Amma: Good morning, dear ones. Let me introduce myself if you do not know me. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I held you in my womb from the moment you volunteered to experience love as an individual soul. You have never separated from the oneness, even if it feels that way to you. The separation is an illusion as you learn to experience a variation in your connection to All That Is.

As difficult as it is to understand, All That Is, the infinite Creator of all, continues to expand. You, a soul, assist in that expansion. It is not that All That Is observes you. No, observation is not an awareness of what happens internally. Observation does not give the ultimate and complete knowing of the why of what is observed. All That Is resides within you and experiences what you experience.

The Deep Yearning of Your Soul

Did you know that, at any time, you could say, “I no longer wish to experience love as what seems to be a separate soul. I wish to be fully within the Creator again and not experience expansion in the way I have.” Yes, you could do that. That happens occasionally. It happens most often when a soul that returns from incarnation, whether from your planet or another, has had such regret for what participated in that it wants to completely remove the experience of that lifetime.